Saturday, 1 May 2010


The free-form sonnet is ususlly 14 lines in length( like the traditional English sonnet) ie 12lines and a couplet that is precis/summary of the thought/theme of the foregoing twelve).Each line in the free-form variation has the SAME number of syllables in each line.The number may 5,6,7,8,9, or 10 even as in the traditional form.The free-form sonnet may rhymes thoughout or in part OR MAY NOT rhyme at all.Below are some examples of my free-form sonnets which are my copyright but maybe used for educational purposes provided prior notification is made to

To seek and never find,life
-the tragedy of living;
To see and never find,love
-the tragedy of being;
To seek and never find,faith
-the tragedy of after-life;
To live and never find,art-
to live life without seeing;
To live life sans poetry,
with one-dimensional sight,
without imagination-
life exists in black and white.

Believe,emote and desire
too soon,this life expires.
No words, can true love express,
nor verse,fine sonnet or song,
the need,the longing to give
to have ,receive and believe;
No touch, can true love relieve,
nor kiss,cuddle or caress
the desire,to quench this fire
to have,receive and believe;
No comfort,can true love keep,
in letter or token lock
this longing need, to believe
reciprocate,and receive.

With thought true love will,in deed
mutual submission cede.

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